About This Blog

Welcome to The Embaby Blog!

This blog is my attempt to raise awareness about, and share my experience with, pregnancy with a donor embryo. Follow along as I journey from baby fever to embryo transfer to baby bump to newborn and beyond! Along the way, there will be plenty of blood, sweat, and tears as I grapple with the options for growing a family, get matched with an "embaby," overcome pregnancy complications, give birth in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and get treated for a postpartum emergency. And after all of that, I decided to do it all again! I am now expecting my second embaby.

A little background about my family: I am the mother of two teens from my first marriage, but after remarrying, my husband and I decided we wanted a little one of our own. Faced with diminished fertility, we sought out several specialists. Each one had their own recommendation for how to help us make a baby, but none of the options fit us quite right.

Then I found out about donor embryos. I was surprised no one had suggested this route to parenthood before given its high success rate and financial accessibility. We applied to a program, were matched with an embryo, and I got pregnant with our embaby. We are now the awestruck parents of a bright-eyed, beautiful girl and are awaiting the arrival of her little sister.

Embry donation wasn’t our first choice, but it was our best option, and we wouldn’t change a thing about how our daughter(s) came into the world. If you are experiencing fertility challenges and haven’t considered using a donor embryo, I hope my story will open your mind and provide information as you explore this life-changing alternative form of baby-making.