These are some of the resources I found helpful while trying to grow my family. I will update this list as I find more.


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Knisley, Lucy. Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos. Roaring Brook Press, 2019.

Kramer, Wendy, and Naomi R. Cahn. Finding Our Families: A First-of-Its-Kind Book for Donor-Conceived People and Their Families. Avery, 2013. 

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Wolf, Naomi. Misconceptions: Truth, Lies, and the Unexpected on the Journey to Motherhood. Doubleday, 2003.

Movies and Series

Epstein, Abby, director. The Business of Being Born. Barranca Productions, 2008.

Hammer, Alexander and Ryan Cunningham, directors. Expecting Amy. It's So Easy Productions, 2020.

Jenkins, Tamara, director. Private Life. Netflix, 2018.

Lamm, Sara and Mary Wigmore, directors. Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives. Ghost Robot, 2012.

Lincoln, Katie, director. The Babymakers. Dreamscape Media, 2017.

Moskin, Noah, director. One More Shot. Phelps Road Club, 2018.